Bellossoms: Adventure is in Bloom

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Add Bellossoms to your special event to plant the seeds for a fun adventure! Choose from Custom Art Adventures or Event Appearances!

Custom Art Adventures:
Learn about animation, comics and more in a variety of programs for any audience! Examples include:
• Flower-Powered Animation
• Make Your Own Comic
• Interactive Drawing Sketch Off Live Draw Challenge
• Group How-to-Draw Lessons
and more!

Event Appearances:
Book Bellossoms artist Erika Swanson to draw at your event for holidays, birthdays, corporate outings and more! Popular requests include:
• Sketch Cards
• Caricatures
• Live Draw entertainment

We also offer Zoom drawing lessons for budding artists!

Click here to request more information about artwork, birthday parties, special events and more!

The original storybook series
is available for purchase!
Great gifts for little ones!

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Bellossoms X Calla Lily presents
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